Monday, October 11, 2010

Gallery 1 - The early years of Old Equitable (1870 - 1894)

Sources: Google, Yahoo, NYPL Digital Gallery.

Equitable Building 1870

Broadway - Cedar Street 1870

View from the Trinity Church Tower 1872

German Immigrants and the Palace, April 1871

Stereo Card from the 1870s

Part of a Birdseye View from the 1870s

a part of another birdseye view from the 1870s

photo of old Equitable, unknown date

photo of Old Equitable, unknown date

I'm not sure, if the Equitable Building is shown on this photo from the 1880s, it may be
one of the background buildings, not one in the foreground. The Stereo Card
with the same picture is described as "Broadway and Trinity Church, New York".

This two pictures were taken from an old map by Bromley, Washington and Scott in 1891

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  1. This photo:

    is very likely from the late 1870s after the major remodeling in 1875-76.