Monday, October 11, 2010

Gallery 3 - Inside the Old Equitable

In this gallery we go inside the Old Equitable Building to visit some of the rooms and watch some details in and around the building.

Sources: google, yahoo, nypl digital gallery, getty images.

Law library of the Lawyers Club

Lawyers Club Cafe

Lawyers Club Coat Room

hq-picture from shorpy
Luncheon by Aero Club of America honoring Glenn Curtiss on 22th September 1909
in the Lawyers Club, Equitable Building

Lawyers Club Fireplace Detail View

Cafe Savarin, Equitable Building 1901

Pump Room, Equitable Building 1902

Here are 3 detail views of the old Equitable Building, 1908:

A view from the roof of the Equitable Building 1892, direction: south west on Trinity Church

Two shots showing Equitable Building subway signs
Maybe they are old enough to have shown the way
to the old Equitable Building too.

The Equitable Fire

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